Make a donation

We accept checks and online donations.

Please make checks out to AACDP

and mail to:

POB 3000 PMB 3051

West Tisbury, MA


IT skills, such as:


E-marketing experience

Social media promotion


Accounting skills


Online business skills


Help to compile a DataBase


Photography skills

Photographing dolls for the website

Editing existing photos for the website



A GoFundMe campaign for a specific aspect of our work that you are interested in.

Birthday Fundraisers on Facebook have been very helpful.


Grant research

We need help finding donors and foundations who would be a good match for our small, grassroots organization.


Invitations to speak to interested groups
Service Tour


Join us in a service tour to Livingstone where many types of skills can be useful.

Sewing skills

Doll clothing design

Doll jewelry design

Cooking for the doll makers who always appreciate a break- they cook lunch for themselves every workday


Carpentry skills


To learn more about our service tour, look under the “Tours” button at the top


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Zambian Tours

Italian Tours

The African Artists Community Development Project is dedicated to empowering women in Zambia and strengthening African families.


All profits from the sale of Zambezi dolls and Tours go to fund programs ...