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The African Artists Community Development Project is a non profit organization founded and directed by Marsha Winsryg, and based on Martha's Vineyard, MA. Marsha raises money for disabled children, orphans and women's groups in Zambia by selling their handmade dolls and other African crafts here in the U.S. She also raises funds by taking small groups to Tuscany.


Since 2002 Marsha has been exploring several varieties of empowerment commerce to aid disabled children, orphans and families in Zambia. Thanks to her efforts these women are now able to pay rent, clothe and feed their families, afford basic medical care, and most importantly send their children to school. It is hard for us to imagine how much parents will sacrifice in order to send their children to school.

Thank you for helping to educate and empower Zambian girls, women and children with disabilities. Together we can create income opportunities for people whose only fault is poverty.

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