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2024 TOURS!

Zambia  -  January 2024

Florence - October 2024

Your tour guide, and

founder of the AACDP,

Marsha Winsryg

Marsha Winsryg has been leading tours in Italy

and Zambia since 2013. All profits from these tours go to fund the AACDP's projects in Zambia.


She started with Florence, because she has lived there, knows it well, speaks the language and loves the beauty of the culture and its art. She loves sharing her favorite art, food, architecture and friends with tour participants; she finds it thrills them the way it still thrills her.


She also takes people to Zambia for service tours. Zambia is an entirely different sort of experience. It has a very rich culture, and spectacular natural beauty. Service tour participants have the added benefit of meeting the AACDP community, and helping them firsthand.

Neither tour is like any commercial tour you've ever taken. If you want an in-depth, hands-on, localized experience, you will love an AACDP tour.

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