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Three high school students study on weekends

When the pandemic closed schools in Zambia in March 2020, our three high school students suffered the most. They have had very spotty educational experience due to extreme poverty and itinerancy. All three have had to work twice as hard as others just to pass their courses. We were worried that a prolonged absence from school would seriously affect their hard won study skills. For this reason we began an informal home school at our offices in Livingstone. Funded by some of our sponsors, we hired several teachers to cover the 8 subjects that were being taught at the local high school before it closed. Those three students came everyday. 

It was clear after a short while how much they all benefitted from the individual attention. The students enthusiastically attended regularly and were disappointed to have to give up the tutoring when the schools opened in June. Again, we found sponsors to underwrite a weekend Homework Club. I was amazed at the commitment the young people showed, coming both Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 4. I wish we had thought of this before.

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