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I'll be selling African crafts on my porch on Martha's Vineyard to benefit the Mama Bakhita Cheshire Home community. Carvings, basketry, fabric, jewelry, dolls, masks and more! Zambezi Dolls are also available online.

Gifts starting at $15

SUNDAY, 12/10 12pm - 3pm

SATURDAY, 12/16 - SUNDAY, 12/17 11am - 3pm

SATURDAY, 12/23 - SUNDAY, 12/2411am - 3pm

Please follow the African Craft signs that begin at New Lane in West Tisbury to 20 Road to Great Neck, West Tisbury

A large selection of ZAMBEZI DOLLS are also available ONLINE

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The fields at Zambezi Farm are producing eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, kale, okra, carrots and more. We're particularly excited by the new tomatoes. They've just begun to "blush", the beginning of ripening.

The goat herd is increasing, with 3 new babies in the last month. And the free range chicken run is currently housing 23 local hens and 3 roosters. The first eggs have been laid!

The rainy season is approaching, and with it blessings as well as some obstacles. Hopefully there will be enough rain to water the large new planting of corn seed without having to rely on irrigation. On the other hand, the rainy season brings much higher risk of disease for the goats. To help prevent infection, the goat shelter must be enlarged to give them more air and room to move.

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The new crops at Zambezi Farm are in all different stages of development. The okra plants are still small, just about knee high, but are already bearing fruit!

The tomato seedlings have been transplanted to the field. While they are growing, the farmers are erecting trellises - poles with wires strung between them - to support the future tomatoes.

And the goat herd is increasing. Fortunately, the tick fever has not claimed any more victims. Currently there are 21 goats, including a new baby and 2 females ready to give birth any day.

When not caring for the current crops, the farmers are preparing for the next project - raising chickens. A man from Musokotwane, a neighboring village, is teaching them to make the grass houses that will shelter the free range birds.

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