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Mama Bakhita Cheshire Home

A local charity in Livingstone which provides free therapeutic and educational services for children with disabilities. The families involved with the Mama Bakhita constitute the main community aided by the AACDP.

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The Zambezi Doll Company

A cooperative of 12 mothers of children who attend school at the Mama Bakhita. They produce one-of-a-kind, handmade, natural fabric dolls, featuring five skin tones representing the peoples of the world

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A rural women's economic empowerment project started by Sister Immaculata Mulyei. The 10 women grow sisal, then use it to make bags for sale.

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Educational Sponsorship Program

Motivated young Zambians without means are matched with American donors who pay for portions of their education from high school through university.

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Pandemic Food Drive

Monthly deliveries of food staples to the 24 families served by the Mama Bakhita. The pandemic has tripled the price of food in recent months and put many people out of work.

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Emergency Relief

Relief for the community's survival during and after natural disasters, such as the flood in Jack Mwmanapapa in 2014, and the catastrophic drought of 2019 which resulted in the community's loss of all water access for months. Currently, our focus is on alleviating the situation caused by the world health crisis.

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Aid for Dependents

As the children of the Mama Bakhita Cheshire School grow up, they usually still need a lot of help. But inevitably, there comes a time when their aging relatives can no longer care for them. See last month's newsletter about Felistus N'Cube.

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The African Artists Community Development Project is dedicated to empowering women in Zambia and strengthening African families.


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