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Finishing the Dolls

The Zambezi Doll Company has been put on hold. The doll makers are the same women who are the farmers at the Zambezi farm, and we've decided to concentrate their energies there. While I was visiting Zambia, we worked on finishing up a selection of dolls that were partially made so I could bring them back to the U.S. to sell. Our workplace and office are no longer available to us, so we were working in temporary quarters at the Mama Bakhita.

On our first day at the Mama Bakhita, the heavens opened up with torrential rain, and the winds wailed. The porch which served as our temporary quarters was flooded, as well as the little kitchen. The ceiling leaked badly and the walls were so waterlogged that I worry they may one day crumble. Unfortunately, new construction in Zambia is often substandard.

When the rains finally stopped, we managed to literally sweep the water out of our workspace. By 1:00 we were organized and dry, and we had a productive and sociable afternoon.

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