I grew up near the Nansazu river in the Southern province of Zambia. At evening I would often sit by the banks of the river and listen to the stories she told of times gone by. Everyone is surprised that I can tell some of the tales of animals, but I learned them from the river.

Hi, I'm Lutangu (9"), which means "Story" in Tonga

  • This doll of color is made by hand by our dedicated craftswomen who are mothers of children with disabilities at the Mama Bakhita Cheshire Home in Livingstone, Zambia.

    Every doll is a unique individual made of natural fiber. The skin is 100% cotton jersey, the hair is 100% wool and clothing is made from traditional cotton chitenge cloth.

    Zambezi dolls are soft and huggable, good for the environment and good for the heart. Stylish or funny, dark or light, Zambezi Dolls are a perfect friend for children of any age.