I am leaving for Zambia in two weeks and am looking for doll making supplies to take with me:

Small sharp scissors (embroidery scissors?) Large sharp scissors Seam rippers Large & medium eye needles Embroidery thread in black, brown, any shade of red Pure wool yarn in red, brown or black for hair Cotton or wool yard in small gauges Lace and ribbon trim

If you have any of these items please call me (Marsha) at 5086934059 And I will figure out a way to collect them.

Thank you so much. Next time you’ll here from me it will be from Zambia. xxxx

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Thanks to generous and quick-working donors Carol Koury, Cia Bloomquist and Annie Schwenk, I was able to send Sr. Immaculata $800 dollars today. When I called yesterday to give her the wonderful news, (a part of my job that I would not trade for the world), she reacted first with disbelief and then delight. I wish I had a little tape recording of that conversation, but you will have to take my word for it, this small miracle, a gift from some global-thinking women and from a higher power that Sr. Immaculata has full faith in will make a difference in the lives of 120 women in rural Zambia.

Sr. Immaculata will send me photos as the work progresses and I will pass them on to you. We are all invested in this scheme to create sustainable income for the women in this world.

These are the women of the God Given Gift Group. They are mothers and grandmothers of disabled children who attend the Mama Bakhita Cheshire Center in Livingstone, Zambia. In two year’s time they have grown into a true cooperative sharing the work and profits from the sales of their Zambezi dolls and crocheted bags. With money in their bank account they have loaned to each woman enough to start a small business, paid back with a small interest, effectively running their own in house micro lending bank. Selling vegetables, charcoal, dried fish, or handmade goods, they can now pay rent, clothe and feed their families and get basic medical care. We are all very proud of what they have accomplished.

It all started with the creation of the Zambezi Doll Project in 2010.

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