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AACDP Holiday Crafts

Come see what authentic handmade African Crafts are on display on my enclosed porch this holiday season. Every purchase supports a community of families who have children with disabilities in Livingstone, Zambia.

Tuareg Jewelry, Zambian baskets and Carved Animals, Kikoi and Kanga Cloth from Zanzibar, Zambezi Dolls

Small decorated bowls from Victoria Falls

Open every Friday and Saturday beginning

Friday, November 25 until Saturday, December 24.

Located off New Lane, West Tisbury at

20 Road to Great Neck.

Phone 508-560-2620 or 508-693-4059

Tuareg Passport Bag

Zambian Baskets and Carved Wooden Animals

Zimbabwean Applique Wall Hangings

Zambezi Dolls made by the Zambezi Doll Cooperative

in Livingstone, Zambia since 2012

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