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Zambezi Dolls are back!

The drought has halted much of the work at the farm - not only is there very little water, but the excessive heat has become dangerous. So the farmers (who were previously the Zambezi Doll makers) and I are taking advantage of this time to finish up some new Zambezi dolls. It’s so pleasant to sit in the afternoon shade on the Mama Bakhita porch, talking and singing together as we work.

The women also work in the mornings, when their children and I are making art and music. Their skills are still as sharp as they were before they switched from being doll makers to being farmers. As I was watching Exildah stitching the eyes on a face and Prisca trimming a dress I commented "I was afraid you might've lost some of your skills after these years of not making dolls.”

Exildah replied “We can never forget how to make these dolls.“

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