• Marsha Winsryg

Africans do so Much with so Little

Every year at this time I send out an appeal for contributions for my small non profit, the African Artists Community Development Project.

I began 12 years ago as an individual who met worthy artisans at Victoria Falls, Zambia who needed to find new ways to sell their high quality crafts.

Two years later I wanted to start supporting local Zambian community programs that were responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

So I began using the profits from the US sales of the African crafts in these ways:

1. Direct support for disabled children at the Mama Bakhita Center in Zambia

2. Educational grants

3. Income generation projects for women

4. Cultural collaboration projects

5. Emergency grants

The AACDP is the opposite of a large super-charity; no overhead, all-volunteer, small scale. I personally send money from our contributions and craft sales to the Mama Bakhita, our six students, and occasionally to a family in crisis. I keep tabs on it all. If a student is having difficulty, I find out why. If the doll makers need more supplies, or if someone’s child is perilously ill, I am told about it and respond.

On this small scale, my intention is to provide opportunities for economic development that fit the culture and people, most of whom I have met through the craft business.

Check out our website for all the stories right here on this page- just scroll down.

We are all just humans struggling to survive on this planet. Your contribution on one side of the globe can make a difference on the other. Africans do so much with so little.

Please help us, if you can.

Many thanks.

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