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Brave Family

At twenty-four years old, Zimeh Benjamin finds himself the head of his family, struggling to maintain and educate himself and his three siblings. They lost both parents, his mother only six months ago, when he had just completed the second of four years at the University for Development Studies in Navrongo, Ghana. The family had never had much money but got by on what could be earned fixing small appliances.

Somehow Zimeh found the AACDP and was able to show proof of his difficulty as well as evidence of impressive school results for himself, his 14 year-old sister, Emelia and 18 year-old brother, Evans. Bit by bit I received pictures of their living situation and descriptions of the complicated parceling out of the little money thay can scrape together from odd jobs and credit from a kind store owner. With support from the AACDP Zimeh has been able to stay in school. His brother Evans will wait until Zimeh graduates to start training as a teacher. Sixteen year-old Emmanuel prefers repairing appliances to studying in school, but Emilia is a brilliant student who deserves to continue her education.

Zimeh writes to me about his 16 year old sister:

“Emelia, she is very good and does not joke with her books. Everybody in her school is aware of her because of her performance. She has represented her school for a quiz competition on several occasions and has come out with either first or second in position. Sometimes I become very sad when she tells me she needs some books that I cannot afford.”

Their story continues.

Emelia Nupuo, straight A student

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