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Meet Ivy, Zambezi farmer

The maize has dried on the stalks, and is now being harvested to store for grinding into mealie meal for making nshima. The farmer harvesting in the picture above is Ivy, one of the original members of the AACDP group of mothers of children with disabilities who have gone to the Mama Bakhita Cheshire Home for physiotherapy and/or school.

The mother of five girls, Ivy was one of the first Zambezi Doll makers and volunteers to work on Zambezi Farm. Always cheerful and hard-working, she often cooks lunch for the group when they are working in the fields.

Now is a great time to help Ivy and the other farmers get the storage shed for the dry maize completed. There are 2 days left in the GlobalGiving Little by Little campaign - donations up to $50 are matched at 50%, so your gift has even greater impact. CLICK HERE to donate by Friday!

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