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News from Zambezi Farm

Things are really starting to pop at Zambezi Farm! The Mama Bakhita mothers, who do most of the farming, are excited and encouraged by the success of recent crops. In the video below they are planting carrots on raised mounds with drip irrigation lines running along the top.

Eggplant, impwa, carrots and cabbage are currently growing in the fields, and there are also tomato seedlings just about ready to transplant. Last week they harvested the first of the eggplant, and had enough to sell to Spar, a local store. Zambezi Farm will continue to supply produce to Spar every week.

The tick disease that attacked the goats seems to be ongoing. We have lost three goats, and for now, must continue to vaccinate the rest weekly until the fever subsides.

We are going to begin raising chickens. Sydney (our Zambian manager) proposed a commercial setup, but I am more interested in a smaller, more traditional approach. So we will have two chicken projects - one free range and the other commercial. The commercial side will be a large chicken house built with cement blocks, and the free range will have small grass chicken houses, similar to the ones pictured above. It will be interesting to experience these two styles of farming side by side.

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