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Phase Two: Water!

By last July, the disastrous economic effects of Covid19 had tripled the cost of food in Zambia. This led Sydney Mwamba, my dedicated colleague in Livingstone, to the groundbreaking suggestion that we establish a communal farm, to be owned and run by the AACDP community of marginalized families who have children with disabilities. This will solve so many of the issues these people are facing.

In July we raised enough money through GlobalGiving to purchase 20 acres of land for the farm. The next step is to install a well and a solar irrigation system. To fund this, we have joined another GlobalGiving campaign called Little by Little, in which all donations up to $50 are matched 50%. This allows many more people to participate in an action to end hunger for these families, who will then also be able to help surrounding friends and neighbors with access to water and reasonably priced vegetables.

We have dared to dream big and, thanks to generous people out there, our prayers are being answered.

Many thanks and blessings.

Food for Families in Zambia

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