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Sponsoring education pays forward

Over the years, the AACDP has found sponsorships for many students, and have discovered that it is one of the best investments possible. So many of them (including our own Zambian manager, Sydney Mwamba) want to return home after graduation, and use their education to help their community.

Several years ago we found a couple in Massachusetts to sponsor Busiku Mpongo's education. When I met Busiku at the Mama Bakhita in 2017, she was earning $70 per month as an aid, and supporting her daughter, parents and siblings at the same time. She had never attended school regularly, but had the dream of becoming a physiotherapist. After a lifetime of spotty education it was a struggle to catch up scholastically, but Busiku worked hard, and after completing vocational school, went on to earn a university degree.

Last year when I was at the Mama Bakhita, Busiku came to one of my art sessions. Her skill, patience, and gentle way with the children were truly inspiring.

Busiku helps a child with cerebral palsy

Like many students who have found sponsorship through the AACDP, Busiku would love nothing more than to return to the Mama Bakhita to use her skills to help the children with disabilities, many of whom she has known for years. It has been my dream to hire a physiotherapist for the Mama Bakhita, and Busiku is the perfect choice!

Are you interested in sponsoring a student? The AACDP is currently seeking educational sponsors for two young African women. View their profiles on our website. This may be the most effective way you can improve a young person's chances in life.

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