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Thank You Mr. Griffin Sakala

After sixteen months Nyimba Muzoka, the man who was fired for growing corn in the wrong place at PAMA Meats Farm in Mazabuka, Zambia, is finally getting referred to the Industrial Relations Court of Zambia. If workers at this huge cattle farm had been allowed to be unionized, perhaps someone would have informed him of his rights to appeal a patently illegal dismissal that followed none of the procedures required by law.

But this man, Griffin Sakala, went to the PAMA offices to investigate their records regarding Nyimba Muzoka’s dismissal and found that his suspicions were correct. There was nothing. No letter of warning, no hearing for Nyimba to defend himself, no 30 day notice, no end payments. Just get out of here in 24 hours, take this $100 and get out of here, with your family of eight.

Now we must pray that the Industrial Relations Court will waive the year appeal limit in light of Mr. Mazoka’s and our ignorance of this process.

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