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Zambia Bound

In less than three weeks I will begin the long journey to Zambia, where the days are warm and the evenings silky soft. How good it will be to see the Zambian friends I have come to know over the last 20 years.

During my stay I plan to:

  • Create art with the Mama Bakhita children, using clay from the nearby Nansazu River and bright tempera paint.

  • Walk around Zambezi Farm with the Zambezi women and Sydney Mwamba, our Zambian manager, to see the progress that has been made and share ideas for the future.

  • Travel to Shesheke, a rural area 2 hours drive east of Livingstone, where a Zambian friend I met in 2005 has founded a school for local children, with support from the AACDP and a private family foundation.

  • Eat the fruits of the season: guava, pineapple and masawa, which is sweet with yellow-orange flesh, and tastes like a very ripe apricot.

  • Revisit the roaring water, swirling mist and rainbows of the mighty Mosi y Tunya, Smoke that Thunders, Victoria Falls.

I will keep you all abreast of the news while I'm in Zambia. Thank you for coming with me in this way.

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