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A physiotherapist has been hired!

The Mama Bakhita has had a physiotherapy room for many years, but has been unable to afford a therapist. In the previous blog I mentioned Busiku, a woman whose education was sponsored by an AACDP donor, as the perfect choice for the job. She was excited and committed to bringing her skills back to the Mama Bakhita. Though we have not been able to guarantee her salary long term, she started this week! This is a great step forward for the children, and I hope we can find regular sponsors for Busiku's salary so she can continue. 

By American standards, the amount is very small - just $350/month. It is a gift that would not only support Busiku, but also be an ongoing benefit for every child at the Mama Bakhita. We aim to continue this essential service.

If you are interested in being a full or partial monthly sponsor, please email me, or click the DONATE button. Every dollar helps!

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